Abstract art is a layer of emotions underneath, what you eventually discover is in reconcillation with the soul….

Dear Fellow Art Lovers,

Greetings and a warm welcome!

As you scroll through the pages,  I urge a simple backdrop for your senses. Imagine you are one with Art, let your senses (not the brain) answer the question. Does Art speak to you? The cognitive part of our brain claims to know, jumps at conclusions, or rushes along the path of problem-solving.

Abstract art operates outside of this purview. It, in fact, engages us on an unprecedented level. It is a piece of work that speaks without ever uttering a word. On other occasions, its silence gets announced by its subtlety.

The choice of colours & the stroke of a paintbrush in diverse directions by the Artist yet hides more than it reveals. The layers of colours spread across the canvas and hide from each other. At times, they collaborate, and yet on most occasions; they are characters in themselves reading off an unwritten script. When the Artist puts out their heart on the canvas, there is no predetermined outcome, it is the outset of a journey to an unknown destination.

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“Earth”– 10 feet long and 60 cm wide 

 “Surrender”– 5 meter/16 feet long and 75 cm wide   

 “ArtWork12”– “You only live once but if you do it right, Once is enough”  

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Flawed and Beautiful


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