About Me

I never decide which color should go next- its always the decision of the first color!


Nupur is an Artist based in Dubai. With a master’s in business economics, she has worked in Banking, Insurance, and Micro Finance sectors in India and UAE for over 15 years. She found her calling over the past few years, having lived in different cities across India, South Africa, and now in the UAE where her work has been exhibited at various platforms. Her interaction with diverse cultures has enriched her work and provides depth and subtlety to her Art. With a preference for Abstract, her paintings are earthy, sophisticated, and carry contrasting images with equal ease. 


How I feel as an Artist

I do not think I create the artwork; I rather feel the artwork creates me.

My paintings are the moments shaped with colours, textures, and patterns.

While I am engrossed with my tools of creativity, there is a strong drive from within to delve into an alternate reality.

My greatest joy is when my art collector/ buyers/ friends come back saying that my paintings make them feel positive and they believe it emits an aura of harmony and wellbeing.

My goal is that my Artwork enhances the aesthetic value of my patrons’ homes and enriches their lives, the magic of colours gently caresses them, letting them sink into a zone of peace and tranquility.

Your Art Collection

There is a lifelong connection that the Artist & Art establishes with the art patron. 

When my artwork makes it to an Art Lovers home, it feels like you are taking a part of me & your home is lending its warmth to me. 

When you go looking for art, it must speak with you and merge with or define your taste. It must call you out to explore deeper into it, that is the lifelong bond that gets created between a Patron and the art. When one buys art, there is an awareness that it is not just a canvas but a tangible piece of creativity, senses, and the elements that went into the creation of the piece. The price that you pay for a piece of art is the value of this lifelong but silent exchange.

What Art means

Art means different things to different people, it connects with people differently, it builds different consciousness and that is precisely the beauty of it.

Explaining an artwork to anyone is a difficult task as people perceive art in unique and different ways. Hence, I believe the understanding of artwork is best left to the audience. You will be pleasantly surprised with different perspectives a single piece of art can garner. 

While I am talking to people about my artwork, the conversations and different views allow openness of mind and I am often tempted to make a dash to the studio to paint the thoughts that just emerges out of those conversations. Yes, artists can be a bit quirky.

 I have understood that an artist, especially Abstract forms, never feels that the artwork is ever complete. The quest and the fulfillment are not of the artist, but it is the destiny of the art itself. A piece of work, that is always a work in progress.

I do believe that the art has the power of joining souls. It is like creating a series while we are all falling apart.  

It is based on the fundamentals of the “cause and effect” philosophy. “The cause” of the art is from the Artist’s inner quest and the desire to express and “the effect” is on the wellbeing, prosperity, and goodwill of the art owners.  This stays forever in the purest form. 

Therefore, what we call creation is not the art itself but through the art, the creation of harmony, peace, and mindfulness.

An Artist is ultimately responsible for connecting people’s minds.

The Artist merely observes the colours in their quest, the canvas knows nothing of it, nor does the Artist. Yet s/he concludes a painting at some stage, however, when to stop is not a decision that the Artist makes. The destination, if there is ever one, rests in the eyes of the beholder. It means various things to different people, a broad range of emotions come knocking on the door, that is what the Art does. Art allows a flow of constant ideas, but it does not crave for a conclusion, the beauty of art lies in its variability.

Join me in an exploration of choices, where Art will not seek to explain, where Art is not a prisoner of stroke of my brush, and a place where Art detests any assessment and demands only one thing, freedom.

Let’s celebrate the free creative soul in you.

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