• This is an image of an original piece of Art created in 2020
  • Acyrlic

The artwork carries the effects of tranquility and deep engagement with inner thoughts. The depth built in the artwork has been created to amplify the effect that the colours and patterns can bring.

There are no colors that we see outside in nature. The choice of colours is the one that we often come across when we meditate with closed eyes and allow ourselves to get inward. There are layers, caves, light, and a dark mix of colours depicting the silent state of mind.

When there is no rush and when there is a state of surrendering to the not so obvious.

Try gazing at it, and stop the judgment for the period, It can draw you to your own self, the raw, the natural, and the alluring truth of who you are.

The use of gold, copper and metallic colours are to signify those moments when there is a light and a spark causing vivid and bright thoughts.

Allow yourself to submerge into this beauty. Keep Flipping and turning around to see which is your most favorite view of the artwork.

Enjoy the original, organic abstract art form and when it talks to you, go ahead and own it!.

Dimensions N/A

cm, Inches

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