• This is an image of an original piece of Art created in 2021
  • Acrylic

Doesn’t this remind you of your travel experiences across the sea, mountain, desert, and the greens…

The artwork is an intuitive abstract form with colours in many forms and textures mixing up with each other, forming a new colour and yet preserving the original colour.

The art was created on a beautiful sunny afternoon, with background music by John Denver- Rocky Mountains, leaving on a jet plane and the country roads and the artist found herself lost in the music and picked up colours, strokes that navigated through her travel experiences to the mountains, plains, seas, forests and deserts.

Art happens best in the passive mindset when the physical dimension is inactive. Abstract the art form has the power to move across the dimensions and the magic unfolds when there is no restrain and no judgement.

Artist is only trying to take you on a voyage that is different each time of the day.

Allow yourself to walk longways swim into the depth and climb to the heights of ecstasy and joy.

Does this resonate with you if it does? this is yours.

Let us connect and take a trip together.


Dimensions N/A

cm, Inches

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